Work Flow Process

The concept of workflow is not new. Workflow is fundamentally about the organization of work. It is a set of activities that coordinate people and / or software. With Resell Solutions, you can institute your best practices to coach each sales rep to be a top performer as well as, adjust and optimize the sales workflow to maximize your ROI. Ensure easy and prompt follow-through or escalate sales opportunities to a more experienced sales representative. Stay in contact with your prospects and deliver a series of messages with automatic pre-defined templates for emails, appointments and tasks.

Workflow Process Highlights

  • Unlimited Processes Available
  • Managed Setup
  • Optionally Attached to the Customer, Lead, and Opportunity Entities
  • Optionally Reassign Leads/Accounts when Work Flows are Completed
  • Integrated with Templates to Create Dynamic Email Actions
  • Ensure Sales Rep’s Activity are Directly Related to Each Customer’s Potential